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Learn from world-class experts

Our courses incorporate insights from senior lecturers at major universities (Hong Kong University, Imperial College London, Oxford Saïd Business School) and leading industry practitioners (Heads of Innovation at international banks, Fintech start-up CEOs, and venture capitalists).

Access diverse, engaging content

The short, content-rich lessons in CFTE courses are designed to seize and maintain your full attention. Through video lectures, supplementary readings, expert interviews and content-based quizzes, CFTE courses deliver valuable information in an exciting format.

Learn through mobile technology

Our courses can be accessed through all mobile devices, meaning that your learning can continue regardless of where you are.

Enjoy an adaptable course structure

We recognize that our learners are busy and so our courses are structured to align with your individual schedules. The CFTE online platform and courses allow you to learn efficiently and at your own pace.

Experience educational support from the CFTE success team

CFTE courses are managed by an attentive team looking to support your educational experience. As you venture through complex Fintech topics, CFTE is dedicated to ensuring your personal success.

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Building a global network fostering local communities

We strive to provide our learners with a strong professional network to improve their career opportunities.
In addition to supporting an active online community, we are committed to organising local meet-ups where our experts and alumni community can interact.

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