First executive programme built for professionals and entrepreneurs to lead the transformation of the Finance industry. 


Learn from those who are changing the face of the Finance industry

4 experts from Oxford Said Business School, Imperial College, Hong Kong University and Singapore Management University lead the course. 16 Fintech innovators, entrepreneurs and investors contribute their views.

4 Lead Lecturers

CEO, The Disruptive Group Co-Founder, CFTE Associate Fellow, Oxford

Huy Nguyen Trieu

CEO, The Disruptive Group
Co-Founder, CFTE
Associate Fellow, Oxford

Director, Centre for Global Finance and Technology, Imperial College London

Andrei Kirilenko

Director, Centre for Global Finance and Technology, Imperial College London

Founder, Supercharger Research Fellow, Hong Kong University

Janos Barberis

Founder, Supercharger

Research Fellow, Hong Kong University

Founder, Lightbulb Capital Instructor Fintech & Innovation, Singapore Management University

Dan Liebau

Founder, Lightbulb Capital

Instructor Fintech & Innovation, Singapore Management University

16 Contributing Experts

In addition to the structured curriculum delivered by the 4 experts, the Fintech Programme features exclusive insights from 16 Fintech CEOs, heads of innovation and global investors – for you to understand what is the reality behind Fintech.

  • Global Head of Bank Research, Citi
  • Global Head of Innovation, HSBC
  • CEO, Gatecoin
  • CEO, Kabbage
  • CEO, Ping An Technology


What makes the course special ?

Created for busy professionals

Concrete learning from Experienced Practitioners

A community of thousands of alumni and experts

Building a global network to create new Fintech opportunities

Concrete learning from Experienced Practitioners

20 experts sharing their insights with you.

Fintech Executive Certificate at a 1/10th of the price

£299 vs. £3000

“An education you can’t get anywhere elseRob Frohwein, CEO of Kabbage, a multi-billion dollar Fintech startup

Contributing Expert of the Fintech Programme

We help you reach your objectives

“Like a Netflix series – but with the professional utility!”

Alumni of Around Fintech in 8 hours

Frequently asked questions

Anyone who wants to have a solid understanding of Fintech.

Around Fintech in 8 hours was designed based on the feedback of hundreds of people – professionals in finance, technologists, lawyers, consultants, students – who wanted to understand what’s happening in finance, the opportunities that Fintech is bringing, and also the threats to existing businesses and jobs.

The course was created for people who were asking us the following questions:

“I want to get a global understanding of where the finance industry is shifting to” (Trader, Credit Agricole CIB UK)

“Enhance employment opportunities and not miss out on this major wave of disruption”(Student, London School of Economics)

“I want to receive a formal and structured training in Fintech so that I can process the information from news better” (Analyst, JP Morgan HK)

“Teach the foundations of Fintech to my employees” (CEO, Kantox Spain)

Fintech is a very new topic, with a mass of new information every day. To create a Foundation Course in such a fast-moving sector, we have looked for proven lecturers who know how to teach, but are also practitioners who are part of Finance 2.0

Around Fintech in 8 hours has been designed by CFTE with the help of 4 senior lecturers: Andrei Kirilenko, Dan Liebau, Huy Nguyen Trieu and Janos Barberis.

Each one of them have been involved with Fintech lectures in major universities:

Andrei Kirilenko leads the Fintech courses at Imperial College Business School

Daniel Liebau designed and teaches the Singapore Management University Certificate in FinTech & Innovation

Huy Nguyen Trieu designed the first fintech lectures at Oxford Saïd Business School

Janos Barberis lectures in Fintech at Hong Kong University and is a senior research fellow there

The 4 senior lecturers draw from their experience as practitioners to share relevant and up-to-date insights. Andrei was Chief Economist at the US CFTC, Dan is CEO of Lightbulb Capital, Huy is CEO of The Disruptive Group, and Janos is Founder of the SuperCharger.

Here is the feedback of some of their students:

“Amazing course! I’ve never learned Finance in such an innovative way. It was with a tech angle, the entrepreneur angle and amazing teacher! I am glad I attended the course this time. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing more!”

MBA Student – Oxford Said Business School, Fintech lectures led by Huy Nguyen Trieu

“The course has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this course to busy executives looking to get to grips with Fintech.”

Fintech Entrepreneur – Imperial College, Fintech course led by Prof. Kirilenko

“I’ve been to a few Fintech events and never heard such an insightful presentation. Thanks a lot Janos!”

Financial Analyst – Global roadshow presentation by Janos Barberis

‘This course is a really fun and interactive approach to innovation and design thinking, the speakers that Dan invited also provided further insights into the Fintech industry.”

Associate in Consulting firm – SMU Fintech executive programme led by Dan Liebau

The materials provided for the Around Fintech in 8 hours programme are as follow

  • 4 chapters, Each chapter has 4 modules and each module has the following sections:
  • Video lectures: Approx 10’ video presentation by the chapter’s lecturer
  • Curated readings: Approx 10’ of curated readings – articles, reports, case studies – putting in context the above lecture
  • Expert’s interview: Approx 10’ video interview with one of our guest experts
  • Quiz: 10 question to assess the understanding of the concepts explained in the module
  • Forum: Open discussion forum to discuss with the peer participants and CFTE team on the module’s theme.
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