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Extrapreneurship Programme

Extrapreneurship Programme

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What is Extrapreneurship?

What is Extrapreneurship?

A fast-paced 8 weeks online programme designed to expose professionals to the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurs.

As technology is transforming industry at an accelerated pace, the need for organisations and employees to identify opportunities and adapt to a changing environment has become critical. Entrepreneurs around the world have quickly been able to leverage on new technologies, trends and business models to build billion-dollar companies. The same entrepreneur mindset is found is some of the world’s largest tech companies such as Apple, Google, or Alibaba. It is a pre-requisite and essential quality for organisations and individuals who want to thrive in today’s world of business. CFTE’s extrapreneurship program will allow financial professionals to develop this mindset to thrive in their organisation.



Learn how to deal with the unknowns of entrepreneurship. From the brightest minds in FinTech


Work alongside a high-growth start-up. Helping them on strategic issues


Become an Extrapreneur. Certified Degree & Validated Experience

Startups sponsoring previous editions


Revolut is one of the fastest growing challenger banks in the world. With more than 4M clients and $25B in executed transactions, Revolut is now expanding globally.

HQ: London, UK

Latest round: $250M Series C

Areas: Challenger Banks, Payments, Money Transfers

Category: B2C

Shift Technology

Shift Technology is a provider of AI-native solutions for the global insurance industry. Shift serves 70+ insurance companies to revolutionise fraud detection and claims automation processes with the power of AI.

HQ: Paris, France

Latest round: $60M Series C

Areas: Artificial Intelligence, InsurTech

Category: B2B



Testimonials from Extrapreneurship beta edition

Testimonials from Extrapreneurship beta edition


Laura Tynan

Associate Director, EMEIA Restructuring at EY


David Rosa

Co-founder and CEO of Neat

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who graduated or is enrolled in a certified Fintech course. Can be online (CFTE, HKU, MIT, OXFORD, edX ,etc) or offline (University, professional body, etc.). 

The fees for the Extrapreneurship Programme is £999 for the 8-week programme.

No. You can be anywhere you want. You will receive all the tools you need to collaborate with your team.
No. The programme is part-time and the learning framework has been designed to allow you to experience the startup world without “making the jump”.
CFTE will form teams based on participants’ expertise and years of experience. You can expect your team to be very diverse and competitive.

Time can vary a lot but we recommend spending at least 4 hours per week on the project.

Teams will benefit from a weekly meeting with CFTE team and at least 2 masterclasses and 1 feedback call with the startup. The initial masterclass will also initially set you up with the necessary software, databases and knowhow to deliver your project.

You need fill an application form (which will be available from 17 June 2019 and needs to be completed before 18 August 2019). The application form is made of background, competency and motivation questions that will allow us to evaluate your profile.
We review applications on a rolling basis, which means that early applicants are more likely to get accepted. You can expect the result 5 business days from your application.
Those who will register interest now will receive the application form first.
In this case, you can decide to re-apply for the next edition.
Your team will submit a pack to explain your solution to the startup’s problem, which includes: a business plan, a pitch deck, and a recorded presentation. CFTE will provide templates and guidance.
You will receive the official Extrapreneurship diploma and become part of an exclusive network of alumni with a certified Fintech experience.