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Artificial Intelligence Is No Hype

Artificial Intelligence Is No Hype Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the AI Summit in London alongside members of the CFTE team. The event had a good mix of large corporations and start-ups taking up the stands outside of the different stages. It provided me with the perfect preparation ahead of the launch of the AI in Finance course. Starting with the corporations, Intel was showcasing the power of Watson as a multipurpose AI-based cloud infrastructure to

CFTE Launches AI in Finance in Paris

CFTE Launches AIF in Paris Fresh from the Singapore and London launches of AI in Finance (AIF), CFTE will be in Paris next week for the launch of the programme in the French market that will take place on Thursday 12th July on the second day of the 2018 Paris Europlace International Financial Forum, one of the largest C-level financial services events in Europe. Governments across the globe are investing more and more into AI as a means to

How to Launch a Fintech Startup?

How to launch a Fintech startup? Start-ups are at the heart of modern innovation. The right idea can disrupt long-standing processes and greatly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of how specific needs are met- all while capitalizing some of the most lucrative market opportunities. However, even the most revolutionary ideas cannot sufficiently guarantee the successful formation and growth of a start-up. As stated by Silicon Valley VC and original Macintosh marketer Guy Kawasaki, “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”

How to build bank from scratch?

“How to build a bank from scratch?” it’s not a question you’d find yourself asking all too often but it’s one that’s being asked more and more given a rapidly changing financial landscape in which challenger banks are disrupting the status quo.  But how has this come to be? That’s a question Huy answered whilst speaking at the very first Money20/20 Asia event. In this post, we’ll do a recap of the main points he covered in his talk

Portrait of AI expert – Stephan Murer

This article is the second in a series that examines the profile of the Senior lecturers on AI in Finance, the first-of-its-kind course developed by Ngee Ann Polytechnic to help professionals understand the impact artificial intelligence is having across all branches of financial services. Today, we bring you the portrait of Stephan Murer, a seasoned technology executive with over 20+ years leading digital transformation in financial services.  Academic background Stephan holds a Ph.D in computer science from ETH Zurich,

Vietnam Event

Vietnam Challenge On November 28th The Fintech Challenge Vietnam was officially launched. The Australian government  sponsor Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) and The Asian Development Bank (ADB) coordinated with the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to organize the "Fintech Challenge Vietnam (FCV)" as well as the "Fintech Vietnam Forum 2018" to make its debut in Vietnam for the very first time. There were 141 participating FinTech start-ups from 27 countries and after 6 months of challenges and intriguing presentations from

Money 20/20 Amsterdam Wrap up

This year Money20/20 Europe was an incredible event. Taking place in the ever-green city of Amsterdam, CFTE was both invited to speak at the event and participate as a media partner. As part of our event coverage, we covered all three day’s of the event, in this article we sum up the main talking points.  Day 1 The first day of Money2020 Europe got off to an action-packed start and as promised, AI took centre stage:  Clara Durodié chaired

The Launch of AI in Finance: The Tale of Two Cities

CFTE and Ngee Ann are jointly developing AI in Finance (AIF), the largest course of its kind that addresses the impact AI is having on financial services. We recently had two amazing launch parties for the course and it was the tale of two cities at the pinnacle of the global Fintech ecosystem. On the one hand, Singapore, Asia’s leading Fintech hub and on the other, London, long the centre of the finance world. Both cities have risen to

The Expert Perspective with Nektarios Liolios

This week it’s a real pleasure to have Nektarios join us for the Expert Perspective. Nektarios is the co-founder and CEO of Rainmaking Colab and Startupbootcamp FinTech, the world’s Largest Fintech accelerator that leads the global industry-focused innovation programs. Working to address the relationship between corporates and startups, Nektarios works closely with industry partners and investors around the world in key FinTech hubs including London, New York, Mexico City, Mumbai and Singapore. Driven by entrepreneurship, collaboration and the desire to

Every thing you need to know about the London Fintech Ecosystem

What distinguishes the London Fintech ecosystem from others? The London Fintech ecosystem is widely recognized as one of the most established and rapidly developing finance and technology ecosystems. It is positioned within the world’s largest financial hub and contains some of the most innovative and recognizable Fintech startups, such as Transferwise, Monzo, and Funding Circle. Moreover, the ecosystem has been supported by its broader national context, where from 2010 to 2016, Britain attracted US$5.4 billion in Fintech related investment

CFTE at Money20/20 Europe 2018: AI Disruption, Skills and Jobs

  Times change. If you worked in publishing 10 to 20 years ago then the skillset that enabled you to succeed then would be radically different to skills now needed to be at the very top. We’re of course talking about having a digital skillset, whether it’s understanding how to leverage social media or working with a CMS, the skills needed to thrive now in publishing are very different. The same can be said of working in financial services. As

How to start a career in Fintech? Here is the Ultimate Track…

The Fintech universe is expanding at an uncontrollable rate and is fast enveloping every vertical in finance as technologies such as cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence provide incumbents and upstarts with new ways to create value. As a result, new business models have appeared and old ways of doing business are fast disappearing. This is having an inevitable impact on the workforce and is consequently putting an increased emphasis for professionals to upskill for a digital age. As more

The Expert Perspective with Pramod Veturi

  This week we're very happy to have Pramod Veturi, Managing Director and Head of Wealth Management for Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, join us for the expert Perspective.   Could you introduce yourself? I am the Managing Director and Head of Wealth Management for Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia. I am a traditional Retail banker with over 20 years of experience in Banking having worked across geographies in Asia and the Middle East. I am also training to be a Leadership Coach.

Importance of events in a learning journey

Events can sometimes be thought of as a superfluous function. Some may even go so far as calling them chores. However, the reality is that events are just as vital in a learning journey as the learning itself. When the word ‘events’ come to mind it is most probably accompanied with the word ‘networking’ which for most, is a tedious process oozing of superficiality. To put it bluntly, a waste of time. That is the general opinion of

Bank of the Future – Event Recap

Last week we were thrilled to jointly organise an exclusive event with Citi Group that focused on exploring some of the key themes from Citi's latest Fintech report ( “Bank of the Future: The ABCs of Digital Disruption in Finance) and presenting our newest course AI in Finance to our community of learners and alumni. It was a special evening in which we were able to bring together a number of notable speakers to participate in a guest panel that

6 Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Financial Services

The rise of artificial intelligence is set to disrupt financial services on a massive scale and a host of banks are increasingly turning to AI powered technologies to improve existing processes and develop new innovations. Given that a recent PWC study found that AI has the potential to consist of $15.7tn of the world economy by 2030, it signals a huge opportunity for multiple industries, including financial services. This article will highlight 6 applications of AI in Finance

MOU announcement: CFTE partners with FINANCE INNOVATION in France

  MOU announcement: CFTE partners with FINANCE INNOVATION in France Paris / London – 22nd May 2018 FINANCE INNOVATION – the French government-backed innovation Cluster for the financial industry – and the Centre for Finance Technology & Entrepreneurship (CFTE) – a leading online education platform for finance 2.0 - have partnered to develop the competitiveness of France as a world-leading financial centre by upskilling its human capital. Under the terms of the collaboration, FINANCE INNOVATION will be the main distributor

The Expert Perspective with Tanya Andreasyan

  This week we're very happy to have Tanya Andreasyan, editor-in-chief at Fintech Futures (formerly Banking Technology), a leading digital publishing platform for the Fintech industry, join us for the expert Perspective. Tanya has over a decade of experience in reporting the latest news from the Fintech industry and has built a profile as one of the industries most authoritative journalists.  How do you see finance in 10 years? Digital, smarter and more inclusive. Your best advice for someone in the finance

10 things you need to know about AI in Finance

10 things you need to know about AI in Finance 10 things you need to know about AI in Finance There’s just over a month to go before the release of AI in Finance, the first of its kind course designed to explore the applications of artificial intelligence in finance and as we were sharing the story of the course to CFTE’s community, some very interesting questions came out. We decided to turn the exchange we had with one

The Expert Perspective with Citi’s Chief Innovation Officer

The Expert Perspective with Philip Watson "Don't be fearful of the future. Embrace it. Spend time Learning. Position yourself and your business for the changes ahead." - Philllip Watson. If you've been following the last few editions of the expert perspective then you might have picked up on an ongoing theme - most feature our lecturers or speakers on our up and coming AI in Finance course. In this weeks edition, we carry on this trend by featuring Philip

Tram Anh Nguyen appointed as Industry Fellow at the Imperial College Business School

Tram Anh Nguyen appointed as Industry Fellow at the Imperial College Business School Tram Anh Nguyen, Co-Founder of the Centre for Finance, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (CFTE), has joined the Centre for Global Finance and Technology at the Imperial College Business School as an Industry Fellow. In addition to continuing with her leadership position at CFTE, Tram Anh will provide the Imperial Fintech centre with valuable insights stemming from her extensive experience as both a finance professional

The Expert Perspective with Dr. Winnie Cheng

  The fourth chapter of AI in Finance, Applications of AI, will have 6 modules presented by 2 lecturers, one of them being Dr. Winnie Cheng, a recognised expert in AI who holds a PhD in computer science from MIT and is the chief data scientist at Io-Tahoe, a big data management solution company that utilises machine learning to drive insights. Prior to filming her scenes, we got a chance to catch up with her for the expert perspective, read

Senior Fintech Exec Shares his insights into the Fintech Revolution

Senior Fintech Exec Shares his insights into the Fintech Revolution Drew Graham is Director of Fintech Strategy at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, and helps the bank in partnering with emerging technology startups. The interview below represent his personal views and not necessarily those of his employer.  The Expert Perspective With Drew Graham Drew Graham, Director Fintech Strategy and Engagement at Standard Chartered Bank Could you introduce yourself? I’ve spent the last decade starting companies across

Portrait of AI in Finance experts: Dr. Ayesha Khanna

Portrait of Ayesha Khanna, Senior Lecturer on Artificial Intelligence in Finance Dr. Ayesha Khanna is the Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) advisory firm and incubator ranked by Forbes magazine as one of Asia’s leading AI companies. She is also the founder of 21C GIRLS, a charity that delivers free coding and artificial intelligence classes to girls in Singapore, and has been named as one of South East Asia’s groundbreaking

Major online course about “Artificial Intelligence in Finance” announced

The first global course about Artificial Intelligence in Finance This has been months in the making, and we are delighted to announce "Artificial Intelligence in Finance", the first major online course about the impact of AI and Machine Learning on the finance industry. This is the first collaboration between CFTE and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, a leading institution of higher learning that has been driving entrepreneurship and Fintech in Singapore, and this joint initiative has led to a truly

The Digital Transformation of Finance

The Digital Transformation of Finance What is unique about the current digital transformation of finance? Relative to other industries, finance has historically demonstrated significant resilience to disruptive innovation, which may have some currently questioning the digital transformation being initiated by Fintech. Not only have banks, insurers, and other financial services institutions employed relatively unchanging business models for decades, but the previous hype surrounding the potential impact of finance technologies such as the 1990s DigiCash, ultimately fell short of

7 facts that will help you understand how GDPR impacts your business

7 facts that will help you understand how GDPR impacts your business The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th and impacts any organisation large or small that handles the personal data of EU citizens. For many, the application of the regulation to their business is fraught with uncertainty and still, more are unaware of the need to be compliant. To help remove this cloud of ambiguity surrounding GDPR we’ve highlighted 7 GDPR facts every business

AI expert Dr. Ayesha Khanna gives you a glimpse into the future of finance – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective With Dr. Ayesha Khanna There is a lot of talk about how AI is set to completely transform financial services. Unfortunately, very few working in the industry actually understand how this transformation will happen and how they are likely to be impacted. That's why we are super excited to feature AI expert Dr. Aseyha Khanna, founder and CEO of ADDO AI. in this week's edition of the expert perspective. Before founding Addo AI, Ayesha, for over

Best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses to take your career to the next level

  Best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses to take your career to the next level If 2017 was the year blockchain permeated the public consciousness then 2018 is fast becoming the year when Artificial intelligence takes centre stage. If you’re wondering how you can enter the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning then you're not alone. In this article, we’ve highlighted 5 of the best artificial intelligence and machine learning courses that can help you develop a deeper understanding

Understand the Business Implications of GDPR – CFTE Blog

Understand the Business Implications of GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - comes into force on May 25th and impacts any organisation large or small that handles the personal data of EU citizens. For many, the application of the regulation to their business is fraught with uncertainty and still, more are unaware of the need to be compliant. To help you on your journey, we’ve put together a collection of free resources that should give you

CFTE Releases Free Online Course to Understand GDPR

CFTE Releases Free Online Course to Understand GDPR April 12th, 2018, London: The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) is pleased to announce the release of a free, online short course on the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The course explains the nuances of the upcoming GDPR and its implications for businesses. It also explores the rationale behind the regulation, current trends in personal data use, and what organizations can do to get ready for the

The Secret to Successful Innovation in an age of Fintech Disruption? – CFTE Blog

The Secret to Successful Innovation in an age of Fintech Disruption? In today's financial landscape, new Fintech startups have well and truly changed the rules of the game. What was once an industry dominated by services provided by large financial institutions has seen small but nimble startups redefine what banking can be. In this short article, we'll explore some of the key factors that can help incumbent banks successfully drive new sources of innovation to ensure they're not

Advice From An Innovator Turned Educator, Derek Ariss – CFTE Blog

Advice From An Innovator Turned Educator, Derek Ariss One of the main challenges facing many organisations within the FS industry is how to successfully innovate in an age where new technologies like Ai, Big data and blockchain are disrupting traditional business models. That's why we're pleased to have Derek Ariss join us for this week's expert perspective. Derek has extensive experience driving innovation at companies spanning numerous industries. Now, he is working together with Dan Liebau at Lightbulb Capital to help

The Future of Smart Contracts – CFTE Blog

The Future of Smart Contracts We have a very special Expert Perspective for you this week. CFTE Alum and smart contracts aficionado, Alfonso Delgado, came to our offices to deliver a presentation on Smart Contracts and it was brilliant!  It was broadcast live on our CFTE members group on FB! For those who weren't able to join, Alfonso has kindly shared his slides from the presentation. You can view them here: Alfonso with the CFTE team

From London to Singapore, the Story of Romain Wolff and His Fintech Journey – CFTE Blog

From London to Singapore, the Story of Romain Wolff and His Fintech Journey Money20/20 Asia might be over but the rich variety of stories born at the event will live long in the memory. We're particularly pleased to bring you the story of CFTE Alumni Romain Wolf and how he ended up reporting for us from Money20/20 Asia on his Fintech Journey The Early days Working in investment banking (Capital Markets), Romain came across several technology initiatives that peaked his

The Expert Perspective with Ronit Ghose, Citi’s Global Head of Banks Research – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective with Ronit Ghose, Citi's Global Head of Banks Research Still basking in the neon glow of the 6th Citi Digital Money Symposium we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to interview CFTE’s effervescent boardmember and Citi’s Global Head of Banks Research, Ronit Ghose. Ronit is recognised globally for his commentary on the development of the Financial ecosystem and was also the lead author of Citi's 'Digital Disruption Report, the most downloaded Fintech report of

CFTE’s Round-up of Money20/20 Asia – CFTE Blog

CFTE's Round-up of Money20/20 Asia This year Money20/20 Asia was a big success by a number of measures. The 8th edition of the event was the first to take place in Asia and the anticipation leading up to it did not fail to disappoint. If you weren’t able to make it and only wish you had, then we’ve compiled a review to give you the most important takeaways. In this article we’ll cover: Huy and Tram Anh present

Meet the CEO Training Bankers for Tomorrow’s Future – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective with Michelle Katics This week’s Expert Perspective comes directly from Money20/20 Asia. A fantastic event with a fabulous line-up of speakers, we were particularly delighted to talk with Michelle Katics who spoke on how startups are solving challenging bank compliance issues. As CEO of PortfolioQuest, Michelle has developed a platform with the goal of training tomorrows bankers, so naturally, we wanted to get her thoughts on disruption in finance! Michelle Katics, Co-founder of PortfolioQuest What excites you about

Advice From an Entrepreneur Who Made the Switch From Traditional Finance to Fintech – CFTE Blog

Advice From an Entrepreneur Who Made the Switch From Traditional Finance to Fintech Ok, so you know our game by now: Fintech = Land of Opportunities (for everyone working in finance) and we're doing everything to share our message. But sometimes a good story is all that's needed to illustrate a point, which is why we were particularly happy to speak with the Fintech entrepreneur, Dann Bibas who left banking to start his own venture. After leaving his role and

A Fintech Masterclass from the Founder of SuperCharger, Asia’s Leading Fintech Accelerator – CFTE Blog

A Fintech Masterclass from the Founder of SuperCharger, Asia's Leading Fintech Accelerator This week we had the pleasure to interview Janos Barberis (CFTE Boardmember). A Millennial in FinTech, Janos is recognized as a top-35 global FinTech leader by Institutional Investor Magazine. His expertise, developed with his PhD at HKU, is focused on looking at the best approach to regulate technology in finance whether delivered by start-ups, traditional banks or tech companies. He has founded 3 ventures to date:

Lessons on Fintech from the Millennial founder of Loot Bank – CFTE Blog

Lessons on Fintech from the Millennial founder of Loot Bank On the 6th edition of The Expert Perspective, we caught up with the founder and CEO of Loot Bank, Ollie Purdue.  The Millenial effect Look among the early adopters of Fintech products and you'll likely find a large chunk of them are millennials. Fact is by 2020, millennials will become the most important demographic by any measure, so it's only fitting that we have a millennial Fintech entrepreneur share

CFTE at Money20/20 Asia 2018 – the prelude – CFTE Blog

CFTE at Money20/20 Asia 2018 - the prelude Roll out the red carpet because on March 13th the worlds leading Fintech and payment event series will hold their first event in Asia. Money20/20 Asia 2018 will be held in ASEAN Fintech capital, Singapore, a city fast-becoming synonymous with the booming ASEAN marketplace for Fintech solutions.  CFTE at Money20/20 Yet Again For our part, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that our co-founders Huy Nguyen Trieu and Tram Anh Nguyen have

The Expert Perspective with Megan Caywood, Chief Platform officer at Starling Bank – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective with Megan Caywood, Chief Platform officer at Starling Bank This week on 'The Expert Perspective' we were very excited to catch up with Megan Caywood who serves as Chief Platform Officer for Starling Bank, a technology company with a banking license that is disrupting finance at its core. Megan has been pivotal in steering Starling to become one of the most promising of the so-called UK challenger banks and as chief platform officer, she has

Around Fintech in 80 Days: EP2 – What is Fintech (PART 2) – CFTE Blog

Around Fintech in 80 Days: EP2 - What is Fintech (PART 2) In the 2nd episode of Around Fintech in 80 Days series, Huy picks up where Nicolas left off and dives deeper to help provide a more complete understanding of Fintech by answering some of Nicolas' burning questions. You can also view this episode on iTunes | YouTube  About Around Fintech in 80 Days Around Fintech in 80 Days is a unique mentoring process brought to life

Around Fintech in 80 Days: EP1 – What is Fintech? (Part 1) – CFTE Blog

Around Fintech in 80 Days: EP1 - What is Fintech? (Part 1) In the first episode of the series, Nicolas explains the thinking behind launching the series and begins to explain to the audience his definition of Fintech based on his reading on Huy's Fintech and innovation focused blog, Disruptive Finance. You can also view this episode on iTunes | YouTube   About Around Fintech in 80 Days Around Fintech in 80 Days is a unique mentoring process brought to life as

The Expert Perspective with the VP of WorldRemit, Alice Newton-Rex – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective with the VP of WorldRemit, Alice Newton-Rex This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Alice Newton-Rex from WorldRemit, which is creating new opportunities for communities across the world by lowering barriers to access financial services - a true Fintech disruptor in every sense. As VP of Product at WorldRemit, a service which helps users send millions of pounds to family and friends around the world each month, Alice sets the product vision for the

The Expert Perspective with the Founder of a Disruptive Media Startup – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective with the Founder of a Disruptive Media Startup From blockchain to robo-advisory services to AI, disruption in finance is everywhere. For any professional, the next logical step is to understand the impact of this disruption. Enter The Market Mogul. As a disruptive media company itself, it's on a mission to reinvent the newsroom to bring you all sides of the story on the things that matter most to you, not only from a tech perspective but

Fintech a Chance for Greater Diversity? – CFTE Blog

Fintech a Chance for Greater Diversity? As the shift to digital finance gathers pace and the need for relevant Fintech education grows, the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship is pleased to reveal that a study of learners from Around Fintech in 8 Hours, a new online Fintech foundation course, has found a high degree of diversity among our learners from the first two sessions. The study revealed the following findings: 40% of learners are women 60% of

The Expert Perspective with Fintech CEO, Philippe Gelis – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective with Fintech CEO, Philippe Gelis To really understand the Fintech revolution, it pays to learn from the people building the future of finance, which is why we were delighted to catch up with Philippe Gelis, the CEO of B2B Fintech startup Kantox, who is using the concept of the marketplace to simplify the foreign exchange process for SME and mid-cap businesses. A self-confessed wine lover, Philippe shares his Fintech perspective… How do you see finance in 10

CFTE Newsletter: The Expert Perspective 2nd Edition – Jim Marous – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective 2nd Edition - Jim Marous For the 2nd edition of the expert perspective, we interviewed a leading light from the world of digital banking, Jim Marous. Jim Marous is ranked by multiple sources as one of the top Fintech influencers in the world. He writes for the Financial Brand, a media outlet for financial marketers and executives and recently published the 2018 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions. His wealth of experience in banking, innovation and consumer

What is Fintech? And how to build a career in Fintech – CFTE Blog

Earlier this week, CFTE had the pleasure to be invited to speak at an event organised by the Oxford Fintech & SmartLaw Society (Oxford FSS) called the ‘Introduction to Fintech and Fintech Careers’. In actual fact, Oxford FSS was founded by Alfonso Delgado, an alumnus from Around Fintech in 8 Hours (our first online Fintech foundation course) with the evening being organised by another Alumnus, Lukas Wagner and Peter Lewinski. To both of them, our congratulations for organising an event that

CFTE Newsletter: The Expert Perspective – CFTE Blog

The Expert Perspective In the first newsletter of 2018, we've launched an all-new segment called the 'expert perspective' where we bring you insights from the leading figures in Fintech and finance helping to build tomorrow's world of finance. This week, we kicked off with insights from our two co-founders... Tram Anh Nguyen, co-founder of CFTE Could you give everyone a short intro to yourself?  "I'm an ex-trader who has also worked in wealth management. Quit banking to become an

2018 Top 5 Fintech Predictions – CFTE Blog

2018 Top 5 Fintech Predictions If 2017 has shown us one thing, it's that the technology revolution has finally come to the financial services industry. With the spotlight firmly fixed on the transformative impact Fintech can have across the entire value chain of banking, we take a look at the top 5 Fintech trends that will continue to redefine finance in 2018. Before we dive in, let's put into context the some of the key events of 2017

CFTE at Singapore Fintech Festival – CFTE Blog

CFTE’s Fintech tour of Asia came to a grand conclusion at Singapore Fintech Festival, the biggest Fintech event in the world attracting crowds of over 25,000 people from 100 countries. And what a conclusion it was. A huge bravo to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for organising a spectacular event that drew world-class speakers and members from the global finance community and beyond. From Startups to Fintechs, Regulators, Financial Institutions, Venture Capital Firms, Insurance companies and Universities, they all came

CFTE opens registration for second session of Around Fintech in 8 Hours at Singapore Fintech Festival – CFTE Blog

Following the success of the first session of Around Fintech in 8 Hours, an online Fintech Foundation course, CFTE is pleased to announce that registrations for the second session, which is released on 11th December, have opened. And to celebrate Singapore Fintech Festival, there is a special £50 discount off the course (discount code: ‘SFFCFTE’) valid until Sunday 19th November 11.59pm. The announcement was made at CFTE’s inaugural event in Singapore, The Future of Finance, the central focus of which was

The Around Fintech Update #2 – CFTE Blog

In our previous update, we put the spotlight on Doris, the first-ever person to be certified for Around Fintech in 8 Hours (more on that here). But as more and more people complete the course from across the world we’d like to share their feedback so you can hear what they had to say about CFTE’s first online Fintech course.   “The lecturers were amazing and of course the guest speakers were excellent as well. This is the first online course

The Around Fintech Update #1 – CFTE Blog

"What an incredible course, absolutely love all the content and lectures!" -  Dr. Doris Wang, Taipei   The first cohort of CFTE’s first online Fintech course is well underway And since CFTE is all about ‘firsts’ we thought we’d share with you our first ever graduate from Around Fintech in 8 Hours: meet Dr Doris Wang, CPA (USA), CIA, CGAP, CRMA. We won’t list all her accolades as it would easily fill two pages, but to give you an idea,

Asia: The Land of Fintech Opportunities – CFTE Blog

  This week CFTE began its Asian Fintech tour of the region’s biggest Fintech hubs including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore. Why? The potential for Fintech in Asia is massive. From serving the under-banked, through increased access to financial services, to improving economic prosperity for millions, the potential for Fintech to have a positive impact in Asia is huge. The good news is that a number of key developments (other than the growth of China!) are creating strong tail

How to become a Fintech Pro – CFTE Blog

2017 was a bumper year for Fintech. 2018 will be even bigger and to make sure you're don't miss out on the bonanza, we've outlined 3 simple steps to help you become a Fintech pro... The fact is Fintech is becoming more and more integrated within financial services. The media frenzy has focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies but there is so much more to the world of Fintech. Whether you're a financial professional eager to understand the impact Fintech will have on

CFTE Working with Bo Le Associates to Address Growing Opportunities for Fintech Jobs – CFTE Blog

Furthering our commitment to help professionals working in finance to take advantage of the job opportunities being created by technological innovation, we are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bo Le Associates. Bo Le Associates is an international executive search services provider, the largest in Asia. They operate across a number of industries including the financial services. With Asia fast growing Fintech ecosystem creating demand for Fintech jobs, we look forward to working with Bo Le to ensure their clientele,

CFTE Partners with SuperCharger to Develop Human Capital in Fintech – CFTE Blog

New Partnership Designed to Accelerate the Fintech Learning Curve We are excited to announce a new partnership with SuperCharger - the largest Fintech accelerator in Asia. So often learning happens in isolation, especially when considering professional development. However, in an age of technology where we are trying to get professionals to understand distinctly foreign concepts such as machine learning and blockchain, we believe the best way to facilitate their comprehension of such concepts is through learning by doing. The partnership with SuperCharger

Will Your Job Exist Tomorrow? – CFTE Blog

With the financial industry on the cusp of a significant shift to digital, ‘Will your job exist tomorrow?’ was the perfect question for CFTE’s Co-founder, Tram Anh, to put to an audience full of finance professionals at this year's Money 20/20 conference in Copenhagen. The response was overwhelming. The rest of this article will explore the backdrop to Tram Anh’s talk at Money 20/20. It will attempt to put into context the changes that are occurring in the financial industry as

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CFTE and LATTICE80 Partner to Make FinTech more Accessible to Finance Professionals – CFTE Blog

  CFTE and LATTICE80 Fintech Partnership to accelerate the development of the global FinTech ecosystem With the launch of our first FinTech course in Q4 2017 just around the corner, we are delighted to announce our partnership with LATTICE80. LATTICE80 is a rapidly expanding global Fintech hub with operations in major Fintech centers such as Singapore, London, and India. The international hubs it is building in collaboration with national governments and the FinTech community attract companies building some of the

From Blockchain to Machine Learning, the Best Fintech Courses Revealed – CFTE Blog

For any professional working in finance, it’s fast becoming a necessity to understand the digital transformation happening in the industry, which is why we’ve compiled our pick of the best Fintech courses currently on the market.  How fast are things changing, you might ask? For us, it’s a virtual certainty that the finance you know today will be radically different in the next 5 to 10 years. Here’s an interesting fact that will help to illustrate this point: Zhong An, a

How to innovate in finance? Start with the Oxford Fintech programme. – CFTE Blog

  Huy completes elite lineup for the Oxford Fintech Programme Oxford Said Business School is launching their first online Fintech courses, and we're very proud that our own Co-founder, Huy Nguyen Trieu, will lead the module on innovation in finance. He'll be in very impressive company, the other instructors are: Peter Tufano - the Dean of Oxford Said. David Shrier - MIT's futurist who also led the very successful MIT Fintech courses. Nir Vulkan - associate Professor of Business Economics at

CFTE Newsletter 19th August – 26th August – CFTE Blog

This week's must read Fintech news... Out of the box thinking for digital transformation “You must transform your business to adapt to digital” “Your IT systems are out dated” “Your processes can cope with today's fluid environment”   No, these are not statements my dad says to me in utter disappointment but more akin to what the top brass at banks all over the world must hear on a day-to-day basis. Well, Rabobank, the Dutch multinational bank that services the food

CFTE Newsletter 5th August – 12th August – CFTE Blog

Fintech Readings Crowdsourcing AI Algorithms. Beautiful. There’s a new kind of hedge fund on the market and its powered by AI. Numerai, based out of San Francisco, is on a mission to liberalise trading on Wall Street. It launched last year and aims to crowd source market movements. The process: data scientists are given an encrypted financial data, they then analyse this data and produce models that best predict stock market movements. The data scientists that produce the winning models are rewarded with

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How banks can innovate in an age of Fintech disruption – CFTE Blog

The sheer speed of technological innovation has upended the way companies operate from across multiple industries. The eruption of digital technologies and its supporting infrastructure has enabled the spectacular growth of technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google et al. Specifically, they have leveraged the power of the platform business model to cast a web so wide that it has fragmented traditional linear value chains and created new value from open ecosystems. Companies founded on the concept of

CFTE working with MAS to help ASEAN finance professionals acquire the skills of Finance 2.0 – CFTE Blog

CFTE working to partner with Singapore's financial regulatory body, MAS, with the intention to establish its first international education hub in Singapore.   The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) has signalled its intention today to set up its first international hub in Singapore. CFTE has been working closely with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to formalise plans to expand CFTE’s education initiative to ASEAN. The objective is to train finance professionals in technology-related skills to help them

CFTE Newsletter – 29th July to 5th August – CFTE Blog

Expert Analysis   Author: Huy Nguyen Trieu (aka Fintech Sensei) The Headline Kabbage raises $250m from Softbank Breaking it down Kabbage is one of the pioneers of automated lending to SMEs. Instead of relying on manual processes, Kabbage uses real-time data about SMEs (e.g. their Amazon sales figures, their Paypal payment data, their UPS shipping data, even their Facebook client rating) to build automated credit scores. Kabbage continues to grow strongly, and after having received funding from Santander, ING and others last year,

CFTE Newsletter – 22nd July to 29th July – CFTE Blog

Fintech detectives, CBI Insights, on the mark again  CBI Insights, the tech market intelligence supremo’s released their Global Fintech Report for Q2, which made for very interesting reading. $5.2bn raised in Q2, taking the years total to over $8bn and on track to beat 2016’s high of $13.5bn+ 5 new Fintechs join the unicorn (aka startups with $1bn+ valuations) club in Q2 meaning there are now 26 globally. 500 startups (who we share our offices with) is still the biggest investor in

CFTE Newsletter – 17th July to 22nd July – CFTE Blog

Curated stories from our weekly newsletter Arm yourself with some Fintech knowledge... 1. Technology represents significant opportunities for finance professionals if they are proactive about upskilling – this is a message we’ve been preaching for some time – but we’re not alone! – By Quartz… here to read more   2. Here at CFTE, we like to talk about the opportunity for FinTech to provide basic financial services to the unbanked. There’s money in it too you know. About $380bn. This lovely

Fintech Knowledge – 26th June to 31st June – CFTE Blog

If you've joined via the email newsletter, welcome back! If you're joining us after browsing our lovely blog then this segment is a continuation of our weekly newsletter where we share our thought on some of the week's top stories. The newsletter provides weekly updates on what we've been up to and if you're interested in receiving these updates, then sign up at the bottom of the page. Curated Stories CFTE is in the News! It's been about a month

CFTE announces additional board members from Citi, HSBC, Ping An and Teach On Mars – CFTE Blog

We are very happy and proud to announce that 4 exceptional people are joining our boards: - Ronit Ghose, Global Head of Bank Research at Citi - Christophe Chazot, Global Head of Innovation at HSBC (on sabbatical) - Ericson Chan, CEO of Ping An Technology - Vincent Desnot, CEO of Teach On Mars. This is being announced at Money 20/20 in Copenhagen, where our co-founders are also making the news: they are the first couple ever to be both speakers at

Fintech Event Calendar: Week beginning 26th June to 1st July – CFTE Blog

The weeks top London Fintech events handpicked just for you: FinTech Innovation Conference London When: 30th June 2017, 13:30 to 19:00 (BST) Where:  Berkely Square, London Why: Ok so if you have some time to spare this one would be highly recommended. It's being organised by the Swiss Banking Advisory and will focus on Fintech and innovation, particularly across the investment categories. Top executives and professionals will be in attendance so you'll have a great chance to network and talk about current issues in finance and

Newsletter – 19th June to 24th June – CFTE Blog

CFTE Newsletter If you've joined via the email newsletter, welcome back! If you're joining us after browsing our lovely blog then this segment is a continuation of our weekly newsletter. The newsletter provides weekly updates on what we've been up to and if you're interested in receiving these updates, then sign up at the bottom of the page. CFTE Fintech Round-up Why banks must embrace open banking or risk disintermediation Banks globally, are facing increasing competition from fintech start-ups offering

  • Tram Anh & Huy at Money20/20 Copenhagen 2017

Disruptive duo becomes first couple to take the stage at Money 20/20 – CFTE Blog

A first for CFTE and Money 20/20 Money 20/20 kicks off next Monday in Copenhagen, and CFTE will be in town. We’ve been told that Money 20/20 has seen father and son speakers, brothers together on stage, but never a couple. Well, all that’s about to change. At CFTE, we love being disruptive and are proud to announce our Co-founders, Tram Anh and Huy, will be the first couple ever to talk at the largest Fintech event in Europe! And

How Fintech could help billions access finance – CFTE Blog

For the next chapter in our series, which takes a look at the major trends affecting finance, we focus on Asia and consider some of the key developments driving the growth of Fintech in the region. In particular, we look at the role entrepreneurs like Janos Barberis (founder of SuperCharger Hong Kong) are playing to help create the right environment for change. Janos Barberis, Founder of SuperCharger Fintech Accelerator, Hong Kong. The Forgotten

Register your interest for our Beta Test programme ! – CFTE Blog

Opening soon the application process for Beta Testing our platform ! Would love to participate? Leave your email below we'll come back to you ASAP.   Why are we asking?  We will start to BETA TEST our MVP very shortly and we want you to have a say on the platform. What is an MVP? The Minimum Viable Product is a concept defined by Eric Ries in his Lean Startup « bible ». The MVP is the core of your

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17th June – Curated Stories – CFTE Blog

Fintech Stories Sofi going for the big guns Millennials are changing finance. Although they have less money than their predecessors, Gen X, they are set to cause a seismic shift in banking. Their behavioural characteristics mean they are more open to adopting a new breed of banking services, which can only be good news for Fintech start-ups. Once such start-up is SoFi. It began focusing on refinancing student loans before branching out to other millennial orientated services. And now it’s

CFTE’s Event Calendar June #2 – CFTE Blog

1. Benefit from the Disruptive Revolution in Insurance Where: BT Centre, London When: Tuesday, June 20 Why: Organised by Instech (shorthand for “Insurance Technology”), this event is a great place meet and learn from Insurtech companies and fintech innovators. The expert panels will provide insights into the latest trends affecting the industry and how to stay ahead of the curve. Register here

Fintech revolution offers a chance to nurture a new breed of bankers – CFTE Blog

This blog post is the first in a series taking a closer look at the current state of finance and the impact Fintech is having on the industry. We highlight the unique talent each board member brings to help CFTE in its mission to empower a new generation of finance professionals. We kick off the series with Claire Calmejane who sits on the advisory board. Claire Calmejane is recognised as one of the most influential people in Fintech If

  • CFTE Fintech Calendar - June 2017

CFTE’s Event Calendar June #1 – CFTE Blog

We're always on the look out for the best events, here's a selection that got our attention: Our friends at Khazanah Nasional have organised an event with Dave McClure (the man who has backed 250 startups, including 5 unicorns…) from 500Startups. We’re very lucky to be able to invite a few guests, so ping Ali if you’d like to join. He'll be talking about what's hot in Silicon Valley and the event will be held on June 16th at 10 AM BST, in the

What we’re reading #1 – CFTE Blog

We wanted to share some one of our team’s interesting reads of the week: Aliasgar: “In our personal or professional life we always make plans. We like to project our future ambitions and goals. But is setting your goals enough to reach them? This article intelligently highlights how to use purposeful systems to reach your goals. The upshot: Progressive purposeful learning beats an ad-hoc approach to meeting objectives. More and more true in our fast changing society. Read more

Episode #1 : Introduction to Blockchain – CFTE Blog

With Huy talking about Blockchain and the general momentum the subject is picking up, we thought we’d introduce you to the topic with some curated content that will give you a solid understanding of Blockchain. Welcome to Finance 2.0! Blockchain 101? Disruption is everywhere and the blockchain technology could be the biggest disruptor of them all. It’s a technology that is powering Bitcoin and is therefore often view as synonymous of finance, however, its application goes beyond the finance sector and has the potential to transform the

CFTE’s Weekly Stories #1 – CFTE Blog

What we’ve been up to this week… Huy Nguyen Trieu, our Co-founder & CEO of The Disruptive Group, had the pleasure to talk at Moneyconf 2017 in Madrid. No tapas & Sangria’s though! Why MoneyConf? “Where the world’s biggest banks and Tech firms meet” says the BBC. Pretty obvious we were going to be there right? In fact, Huy was invited to talk on the Central Stage about Blockchain and its current & future development; to answer the one question on

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Choose your first step to Finance 2.0 – CFTE Blog

We are starting our collaborative content creation scheme and as future member of our platform you are invited to shape it as you'd like it to be! Therefore, if you had the best FinTech experts in front of you ready to give you a class and provide you some key knowledge on Finance 2.0, what would you choose first? Take 2 minutes to shape your career: Choose Why are we asking?  We will start to BETA TEST our MVP very

CFTE announces new board members – Press Release – CFTE Blog

CFTE Announces New Board Members from Harvard Business School, Holberton School, Hong Kong University, Imperial College and London Business School to Join Edtech Project for Financial Services. June 6th 2017, London – The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) is building the future of online education in finance with an Edtech platform that aims to help finance professionals adapt to a rapidly changing industry. Today, CFTE announces the nomination of five new board members, all with outstanding credentials who

  • Fintech, AI, Coding, Machine Learning.. What is Finance2.0 ?

CFTE’s Weekly Newsletter #1 – CFTE Blog

How about some curated news on Finance2.0 and crusty insights on CFTE? You’ll find below an extract of the newsletter sent to CFTE’s subscribers last Friday. To receive it directly in your inbox: Subscribe here   What we’ve been upto last week…   This week we crossed the english channel to beautiful Paris.Why?

CFTE’s Story – Tram Anh and Nicolas @Coding Academy & Website down – CFTE Blog

What we’ve been up to last week... This week we crossed the English channel to beautiful Paris. Why? To bring awareness on tech driven Finance. Our co-founder Tram Anh and associate Nicolas gave an amazing talk to a room full of software engineers @the Coding Academy - leading Coding Bootcamp in Paris. Why the Coding Academy? Demand for software engineers is booming as the genetics of the finance industry continue to change. Just as the digitisation of publishing led to

A few numbers about the changes happening in finance – CFTE Blog

The CFTE website has 3 statements: Goldman Sachs' cash equity business employed 600 traders, now it's 2 Fintech is forcing banks to a tipping point according to Citi Zhong An, a new insurance company in China, now has 500 million clients - in 5 years This shows the scale and rapidity of changes happening in finance. In the case of Goldman Sachs, there is clearly a trend for more automation and fewer traders, it's undeniable. On the other hand, Goldman

CFTE has launched! And it’s about finance, technology and entrepreneurship… – CFTE Blog

Very exciting to be writing our first post, and it’s to announce the launch of CFTE! The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE for friends…) is an initiative of The Disruptive Group and is founded by Huy Nguyen Trieu and Tram Anh Nguyen. We’re also announcing our two first board members, the very high profile Claire Calmejane in London and the equally impressive Janos Barberis in Hong Kong. You can read all of this in the very formal press release below