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Vietnam Event

Vietnam Challenge On November 28th The Fintech Challenge Vietnam was officially launched. The Australian government  sponsor Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) and The Asian Development Bank (ADB) coordinated with the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to organize the "Fintech Challenge Vietnam (FCV)" as well as the "Fintech Vietnam Forum 2018" to make its debut in Vietnam for the very first time. There were 141 participating FinTech start-ups from 27 countries and after 6 months of challenges and intriguing presentations from

Money 20/20 Amsterdam Wrap up

This year Money20/20 Europe was an incredible event. Taking place in the ever-green city of Amsterdam, CFTE was both invited to speak at the event and participate as a media partner. As part of our event coverage, we covered all three day’s of the event, in this article we sum up the main talking points.  Day 1 The first day of Money2020 Europe got off to an action-packed start and as promised, AI took centre stage:  Clara Durodié chaired

The Launch of AI in Finance: The Tale of Two Cities

CFTE and Ngee Ann are jointly developing AI in Finance (AIF), the largest course of its kind that addresses the impact AI is having on financial services. We recently had two amazing launch parties for the course and it was the tale of two cities at the pinnacle of the global Fintech ecosystem. On the one hand, Singapore, Asia’s leading Fintech hub and on the other, London, long the centre of the finance world. Both cities have risen to

The Expert Perspective with Nektarios Liolios

This week it’s a real pleasure to have Nektarios join us for the Expert Perspective. Nektarios is the co-founder and CEO of Rainmaking Colab and Startupbootcamp FinTech, the world’s Largest Fintech accelerator that leads the global industry-focused innovation programs. Working to address the relationship between corporates and startups, Nektarios works closely with industry partners and investors around the world in key FinTech hubs including London, New York, Mexico City, Mumbai and Singapore. Driven by entrepreneurship, collaboration and the desire to

Every thing you need to know about the London Fintech Ecosystem

What distinguishes the London Fintech ecosystem from others? The London Fintech ecosystem is widely recognized as one of the most established and rapidly developing finance and technology ecosystems. It is positioned within the world’s largest financial hub and contains some of the most innovative and recognizable Fintech startups, such as Transferwise, Monzo, and Funding Circle. Moreover, the ecosystem has been supported by its broader national context, where from 2010 to 2016, Britain attracted US$5.4 billion in Fintech related investment

CFTE at Money20/20 Europe 2018: AI Disruption, Skills and Jobs

  Times change. If you worked in publishing 10 to 20 years ago then the skillset that enabled you to succeed then would be radically different to skills now needed to be at the very top. We’re of course talking about having a digital skillset, whether it’s understanding how to leverage social media or working with a CMS, the skills needed to thrive now in publishing are very different. The same can be said of working in financial services. As

How to start a career in Fintech? Here is the Ultimate Track…

The Fintech universe is expanding at an uncontrollable rate and is fast enveloping every vertical in finance as technologies such as cloud, mobile and artificial intelligence provide incumbents and upstarts with new ways to create value. As a result, new business models have appeared and old ways of doing business are fast disappearing. This is having an inevitable impact on the workforce and is consequently putting an increased emphasis for professionals to upskill for a digital age. As more

The Expert Perspective with Pramod Veturi

  This week we're very happy to have Pramod Veturi, Managing Director and Head of Wealth Management for Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, join us for the expert Perspective.   Could you introduce yourself? I am the Managing Director and Head of Wealth Management for Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia. I am a traditional Retail banker with over 20 years of experience in Banking having worked across geographies in Asia and the Middle East. I am also training to be a Leadership Coach.

Importance of events in a learning journey

Events can sometimes be thought of as a superfluous function. Some may even go so far as calling them chores. However, the reality is that events are just as vital in a learning journey as the learning itself. When the word ‘events’ come to mind it is most probably accompanied with the word ‘networking’ which for most, is a tedious process oozing of superficiality. To put it bluntly, a waste of time. That is the general opinion of

Bank of the Future – Event Recap

Last week we were thrilled to jointly organise an exclusive event with Citi Group that focused on exploring some of the key themes from Citi's latest Fintech report ( “Bank of the Future: The ABCs of Digital Disruption in Finance) and presenting our newest course AI in Finance to our community of learners and alumni. It was a special evening in which we were able to bring together a number of notable speakers to participate in a guest panel that

6 Applications of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Financial Services

The rise of artificial intelligence is set to disrupt financial services on a massive scale and a host of banks are increasingly turning to AI powered technologies to improve existing processes and develop new innovations. Given that a recent PWC study found that AI has the potential to consist of $15.7tn of the world economy by 2030, it signals a huge opportunity for multiple industries, including financial services. This article will highlight 6 applications of AI in Finance

MOU announcement: CFTE partners with FINANCE INNOVATION in France

  MOU announcement: CFTE partners with FINANCE INNOVATION in France Paris / London – 22nd May 2018 FINANCE INNOVATION – the French government-backed innovation Cluster for the financial industry – and the Centre for Finance Technology & Entrepreneurship (CFTE) – a leading online education platform for finance 2.0 - have partnered to develop the competitiveness of France as a world-leading financial centre by upskilling its human capital. Under the terms of the collaboration, FINANCE INNOVATION will be the main distributor

The Expert Perspective with Tanya Andreasyan

  This week we're very happy to have Tanya Andreasyan, editor-in-chief at Fintech Futures (formerly Banking Technology), a leading digital publishing platform for the Fintech industry, join us for the expert Perspective. Tanya has over a decade of experience in reporting the latest news from the Fintech industry and has built a profile as one of the industries most authoritative journalists.  How do you see finance in 10 years? Digital, smarter and more inclusive. Your best advice for someone in the finance

10 things you need to know about AI in Finance

10 things you need to know about AI in Finance 10 things you need to know about AI in Finance There’s just over a month to go before the release of AI in Finance, the first of its kind course designed to explore the applications of artificial intelligence in finance and as we were sharing the story of the course to CFTE’s community, some very interesting questions came out. We decided to turn the exchange we had with one

The Expert Perspective with Citi’s Chief Innovation Officer

The Expert Perspective with Philip Watson "Don't be fearful of the future. Embrace it. Spend time Learning. Position yourself and your business for the changes ahead." - Philllip Watson. If you've been following the last few editions of the expert perspective then you might have picked up on an ongoing theme - most feature our lecturers or speakers on our up and coming AI in Finance course. In this weeks edition, we carry on this trend by featuring Philip

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