The Expert Perspective with the Founder of a Disruptive Media Startup

From blockchain to robo-advisory services to AI, disruption in finance is everywhere. For any professional, the next logical step is to understand the impact of this disruption. Enter The Market Mogul.

As a disruptive media company itself, it’s on a mission to reinvent the newsroom to bring you all sides of the story on the things that matter most to you, not only from a tech perspective but also in politics, global affairs, finance and business. It was, therefore, a privilege to sit down with Rav – whose had stints at Bain, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs – to get his perspective on Fintech disruption.

How do you see finance in 10 years?

Finance industry will be further pushed towards decentralisation, both through the technological progress, but also through societal shifts. There will definitely be a number of new disruptive behemoths, but the incumbents shouldn’t be discounted from innovating either. 

A company you like in Fintech?

I love Revolut. I now use it for all of my payments and no longer use my Amex or traditional current account. They have a brilliant UI/UX experience making something which was once cumbersome – now seamless.

Advice to a 20-year-old who wants to be in finance?

Be curious and learn about anything and everything that interests you as you never know where and how it may be applicable. Go find the field that truly excites and fascinates you, whether in finance or elsewhere, but never chase money – which is what a lot of people who have entered finance do…
Could you share an interesting article, piece of content, blog post you have read recently? Why did you choose it?

My choice: “Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain”.
This is a long yet interesting deep dive into the applications of blockchain and the fact that despite being around for a decade, there are very few practical applications of it. Well worth a read if you’re new to the space!
A source of knowledge for our readers that would help them on their journey to adapting to Fintech disruption?

Sure, we publish a Crypto Briefing, which is a short email sent to you every Thursday, to bring you up to speed with whats been happening in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space – as there are very few reliable sources out there. It’s had rave reviews from Senior Bankers, Technologists as well as Fintech enthusiasts. It’s free and you can sign up here.



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