The Expert Perspective with the VP of WorldRemit, Alice Newton-Rex

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Alice Newton-Rex from WorldRemit, which is creating new opportunities for communities across the world by lowering barriers to access financial services – a true Fintech disruptor in every sense.

As VP of Product at WorldRemit, a service which helps users send millions of pounds to family and friends around the world each month, Alice sets the product vision for the 90-person product and engineering team at WorldRemit, and leads the product and UX team to invent, design and deliver new products and features that meet the needs of users in over 140 countries.

How do you see finance in 10 years?

Finance will be seamlessly connected to the rest of our lives, and financial services will be primarily provided by non-traditional players, e.g. the big tech companies.

A company you like in Fintech?

Lemonade: they’re an AI insurance firm who’ve hugely simplified the process of getting insured. They’ve created one of the first chatbots I’ve seen that actually works for users.

Could you share an interesting article, piece of content, blog post you have read recently? Why did you choose it?

This Bloomberg View article – Crypto finance meets regular finance. The first section is interesting as it discusses the tension between the blockchain and traditional finance: ‘The core feature of Bitcoin — the technological problem that Satoshi Nakamoto set out to solve — is that you can’t spend Bitcoins that you don’t have. The core feature of finance — the technological problem that bankers have set out to solve for millennia — is that you can spend money that you don’t have.’
A source of knowledge for our readers that would help them on their journey to adapting to Fintech disruption?

I recommend the Finiculture blog by Pascal Bouvier, a former French banker. He writes a few blog posts per month with an insightful look at the financial market and how it integrates with technology.

Advice to a 20-year old who wants to be in finance?

I’d advise them to understand technology: the future of finance will be indistinguishable from the future of tech.

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