How to innovate in finance? Start with the Oxford Fintech programme. - CFTE Blog | CFTE

How to innovate in finance? Start with the Oxford Fintech programme. – CFTE Blog


Huy completes elite lineup for the Oxford Fintech Programme

Oxford Said Business School is launching their first online Fintech courses, and we’re very proud that our own Co-founder, Huy Nguyen Trieu, will lead the module on innovation in finance.

He’ll be in very impressive company, the other instructors are:

Peter Tufano – the Dean of Oxford Said.

David Shrier – MIT’s futurist who also led the very successful MIT Fintech courses.

Nir Vulkan – associate Professor of Business Economics at Saïd Business School and a leading authority on e-commerce and market design.

Alex Pentland – a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and advisor to the Tencent Research Foundation and the Government of Estonia.

Huy’s Innovation Module

Huy will teach about one of his favourite topics: innovation in finance, and how Fintech startups, banks and tech giants are rapidly transforming the finance industry, the challenges and opportunities from this intense transformation and different frameworks to understand this complex issue.

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The Oxford Fintech programme covers a lot of other interesting topics in finance and Fintech during the 10-week packed programme. Have a look here for more details.

If you like reading press releases, here’s much more info about Huy’s module in innovation and the Oxford course.

Visit for an overview of our education project.

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