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Corporate Training with CFTE

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Digital transformation starts with people

Work with practitioners who understand finance, technology and entrepreneurship

  • Finance is unlike any other sector. It is regulated, it has its own processes, and its own culture.
  • From 1-day masterclass for Managing Directors to online learning for Analysts, the CFTE programmes are customised to the context of finance – whether it’s banking, insurance, asset management or private banking
  • The trainings are led by world-class experts, who speak the same language as the audience, and share real-life experiences.

Digital transformation is not easy. We realise this and can work with you

  • Digital transformation is one of the most difficult challenges of large organisations today.
  • Many have started their journey already, through digital initiatives, innovation labs, corporate venture capital or accelerators.
  • CFTE programmes are designed to leverage and complement the existing initiatives of your organisation.

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