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1. Technology represents significant opportunities for finance professionals if they are proactive about upskilling – this is a message we’ve been preaching for some time – but we’re not alone! – By Quartz… here to read more

2. Here at CFTE, we like to talk about the opportunity for FinTech to provide basic financial services to the unbanked. There’s money in it too you know. About $380bn. This lovely infographic explains all – By Visual Capitalist… here to read more 

3. Wealth management startup, Betterment’s latest funding round value’s the company at $800m, sending out a strong signal to traditional players that it’s a business model that’s here to stay. Although they do have some competition on their hands – By Bloomberg Markets… here to read more

4.  Singapore is positioning itself to be a global hub for Fintech, its regulatory body, the Monetary Authority of Singapore seems intent on making it happen. No surprise then that Chinese Fintech giant Lufax plans to launch its wealth management platform in the city-state. There are some caveats though – By Business Insider…..Click here to read more

5. The tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Google have gargantuan stockpiles of user data. Technology like AI is only going to strengthen their hand in the countless verticals they’re engaged in, making it unlikely they’ll be going anywhere anytime soon – By Wired… here to read more 

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