The Around Fintech Update #2

In our previous update, we put the spotlight on Doris, the first-ever person to be certified for Around Fintech in 8 Hours (more on that here). But as more and more people complete the course from across the world we’d like to share their feedback so you can hear what they had to say about CFTE’s first online Fintech course.   “The lecturers were amazing and of course the guest speakers were excellent as well. This is the first online course I have taken and it's so wonderful!” “Being an avid follower of Fintech, I was looking for a foundation course in Fintech from a long time….This foundation course could be excellent starter to anyone who wants to pursue an MBA in finance systems/Fintech/Fintech marketing.”  “The overall program was well structured, practically informative and constructively encouraging, specifically for an entrepreneur of a Fintech startup …I look forward to the next level progression…

The Around Fintech Update #1

"What an incredible course, absolutely love all the content and lectures!" -  Dr. Doris Wang, Taipei   The first cohort of CFTE’s first online Fintech course is well underway And since CFTE is all about ‘firsts’ we thought we’d share with you our first ever graduate from Around Fintech in 8 Hours: meet Dr Doris Wang, CPA (USA), CIA, CGAP, CRMA. We won’t list all her accolades as it would easily fill two pages, but to give you an idea, she is currently a Professor of Accountancy at the National Taipei University, holds a PhD in Accountancy and is Chairman of the Accounting Research and Development Council. The list goes on. So why would someone so experienced and at the top of her profession want to learn Fintech? Her underlying message was simple: if you want to stay at the top you have to evolve and adapt. This urgency was…

Newsletter – 19th June to 24th June

CFTE Newsletter If you've joined via the email newsletter, welcome back! If you're joining us after browsing our lovely blog then this segment is a continuation of our weekly newsletter. The newsletter provides weekly updates on what we've been up to and if you're interested in receiving these updates, then sign up at the bottom of the page. CFTE Fintech Round-up Why banks must embrace open banking or risk disintermediation Banks globally, are facing increasing competition from fintech start-ups offering more focused banking services with superior customer experience. This article from ZDnet captures the mood perfectly. In order to remain competitive banks must change their inward looking attitude and open up their banking infrastructure. A key aspect of this will be to make their API's available to third parties, which means sharing customer data and enabling new functionalities to be added to existing banking services. The hope is that by…

17th June – Curated Stories

Fintech Stories Sofi going for the big guns Millennials are changing finance. Although they have less money than their predecessors, Gen X, they are set to cause a seismic shift in banking. Their behavioural characteristics mean they are more open to adopting a new breed of banking services, which can only be good news for Fintech start-ups. Once such start-up is SoFi. It began focusing on refinancing student loans before branching out to other millennial orientated services. And now it’s taking on the big boys in the US banking sector by offering traditional banking services like checking accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. Read the full article here for all the specifics. (more…)

What we’re reading #1

We wanted to share some one of our team’s interesting reads of the week: Aliasgar: “In our personal or professional life we always make plans. We like to project our future ambitions and goals. But is setting your goals enough to reach them? This article intelligently highlights how to use purposeful systems to reach your goals. The upshot: Progressive purposeful learning beats an ad-hoc approach to meeting objectives. More and more true in our fast changing society. Read more

Episode #1 : Introduction to Blockchain

With Huy talking about Blockchain and the general momentum the subject is picking up, we thought we'd introduce you to the topic with some curated content that will give you a solid understanding of Blockchain. Welcome to Finance 2.0! Blockchain 101? Disruption is everywhere and the blockchain technology could be the biggest disruptor of them all. It's a technology that is powering Bitcoin and is therefore often view as synonymous of finance, however, its application goes beyond the finance sector and has the potential to transform the value chain of entire industries. Read more (more…)

A few numbers about the changes happening in finance

The CFTE website has 3 statements: Goldman Sachs' cash equity business employed 600 traders, now it's 2 Fintech is forcing banks to a tipping point according to Citi Zhong An, a new insurance company in China, now has 500 million clients - in 5 years This shows the scale and rapidity of changes happening in finance. In the case of Goldman Sachs, there is clearly a trend for more automation and fewer traders, it's undeniable. On the other hand, Goldman Sachs now has more software engineers and developers than Facebook, so the nature of the work in banks has also clearly changed. Citi's report is a great report about Fintech, and more generally the trend in finance, and everybody interested in that topic should read it. Finally, Zhong An is a new digital insurance company, launched in China 5 years ago. Their scale is incredible, and clearly shows that technology…