From Blockchain to Machine Learning, the Best Fintech Courses Revealed

For any professional working in finance, it’s fast becoming a necessity to understand the digital transformation happening in the industry, which is why we’ve compiled our pick of the best Fintech courses currently on the market. 

How fast are things changing, you might ask?

For us, it’s a virtual certainty that the finance you know today will be radically different in the next 5 to 10 years. Here’s an interesting fact that will help to illustrate this point: Zhong An, a digital insurer from China, has increased its user base from 0 to 500m clients in just 5 years.

It’s the kind of user growth synonymous with the rise of platform-centric giants like Amazon, Facebook and Apple. Growth enabled by technology. The fact is digital disruption has finally arrived to finance and it’s happening fast, very fast.

A quick look at some of the other industries that have been disrupted by technology and it’s clear to see that technology waits for no one.

Take steps now to build your Fintech foundations

For some, it might be slightly daunting to enter education once more and for others, a challenge to relish, either way, the Fintech courses we’ve picked has something for everyone.

From blockchain to machine learning to cryptocurrencies, the courses in one manner or the other touch upon the most critical innovations in finance that are likely to impact your career.

So just like you might have completed a degree, masters or CFA qualification to make it where you are today, Fintech demands a similar commitment and we’re here to guide you on your way.

In this post, we will review 6 of the best Fintech courses on the market to make sure you’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next move.


Best Fintech Courses

1. CFTE – Around Fintech in 8 Hours

Summary: Around Fintech in 8 Hours is a Foundation Fintech course from the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship.  It has been designed in collaboration with 20 senior leaders from the finance industry to give you a comprehensive breakdown of the main Fintech trends in a simple and concise manner.


USP: Taught in an easy to digest manner by 4 senior Fintech lecturers who between them have lectured at Singapore Management University, Imperial College London, Said Business School – Oxford University and The University of Hong Kong. In addition, interviews from the top experts working in Fintech provide invaluable industry insights.

Level: Foundation

Cost: £299

Certificate: Certificate of Completion

Study Method: Online, self-paced (6 months access to content from start date)

More information here


2. Said Business School, Oxford University: Oxford Fintech Programme

Summary: A course specifically designed to achieve two outcomes. First, to arm students with a working knowledge of Fintech and second, to identify new opportunities for innovation in finance so that they are equipped to launch new Fintech ventures. Not for the faint-hearted as the course carries a heavy workload. Special mention: our co-founder, Huy Nguyen Trieu delivers the module on innovation in finance along with recognised experts Peter Tufano, David Shrier, Nir Vulkan and Alex Petland.

USP: Hands-on practical exercises that stretch your thinking about what’s possible in modern finance.

Level: Intermediate/advanced

Cost: £2,500

Certificate: Certificate of attendance

Study Method: Online, 10-week course

More information here


3. Open University: Understanding Financial Technologies

Summary: Described as a ‘Fintech 101’ course, it was one of the first to hit the market. It takes a slightly different perspective, analysing the macroeconomic impact of technology and some of the governance issues. Not one for the purists but still carries value as a primer to entering the world of Fintech.

USP: Covers broader issues such as economics, policy and regulation

Level: Beginner

Cost: £695

Certificate: CPD certified

Study Method: Online, self-paced

More information here


4. Imperial College Business School: Innovative Banking

Summary: A course targeted directly at more senior bankers looking to get a grasp on how to implement Fintech within their own organisations. It is focused on the application of technologies like distributed ledger technologies, digital money and digital identities and how they are impacting traditional business models. The course is taught by CFTE boardmember, Andrei Kirilenko and co-designed by Huy.

USP: A specialist focus on blockchain technology

Level: Beginner/intermediate

Cost: £2,390

Certificate: N/A

Study Method: In-class, 2 Days

More information here


5. Fintech School

Summary: Based in San Francisco, the Fintech School offer a number of blended learning courses aimed at introducing professionals to key Fintech topics such Blockchain, Crowdfunding and Robo-Advisors. They will walk you through a number of ‘101’ styled Fintech courses with an intended purpose of giving students a soft introduction to Fintech. In addition to their online Fintech courses, they hold a number of workshops across North America if you’re interested in a more immersive programme.

USP: Low price point

Level: Beginner

Cost: Modules start from $99

Certificate: N/A

Study Method: Online, Self-paced


6. Wake-up France: L’Ecole de La Fintech

One for the French speakers. launched by Anaïs Raoux, their purpose is to help French finance professionals build their dream careers in today’s Finance. They have a boot camp programme of 6 Saturdays in Paris that covers an overview of Fintech, the startup culture and an introduction to coding. They assembled a pretty impressive teaching team with some of the best representatives of the French Fintech scenes.

USP: Low price point

Level: Beginner

Cost: €2,390

Certificate: N/A

Study Method: In-class, 6-week programme


7. MIT Fintech Certificate

Although this one has been discontinued, it was one of the most popular Fintech courses on the market in 2016, so we thought it deserved an honorary mention!


Which one to choose?

We’d of course be biased to say take the Fintech courses in which Huy is involved – Oxford, Imperial, CFTE!!

However, choosing the right course really comes down to your goals. For example, if you want to dive deep into Fintech and try your hand at testing a business plan, then The Oxford Fintech Programme will be for you. On the flip side, if you want a general introduction to Fintech then Around Fintech in 8 Hours is probably the right choice given the quality of the content and lecturers and the clarity of the format.

In any case, each course highlighted offers something different. The point to note about CFTE is we’re not just building online courses; we’re developing an entire ecosystem.

We already have a thriving alumni community where there is active engagement between learners and our global network of experts. We’re hosting events in the key Fintech hubs of London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong and have a pipeline of new Fintech courses are already on the horizon.


If you have any questions or comments, then please feel free to reach out to us on


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